1. Stores like 7-11 and Family Mart in Taiwan, which allow their customers to do almost everything, are very different _____ the ones in Korea. (109年臺灣銀行考題) 

2. A good photographer knows the timing to _____ the best moments with his or her camera. (108年土地銀行考題) 

3. _____ there’s no set recommendation for daily water intake, a rule of thumb is to drink 2000 cc a day. (107年彰化銀行考題) 

4. The singer suddenly changed her looks, and her fans could hardly _____ her. (109年第一銀行考題) 

5. The man was _____ of killing two people in a store and later charged with murder.  (111年合作金庫考題) 

6. America's withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords is believed by some as its _____ from global influences. (107年第一銀行考題) 

7. Bob was a pioneer in the industry, and much of what he did _____ now the standard today.  (111年第一銀行考題) 

8. Stress is a state which is _____ complicated to be kept under full control. (108年第一銀行考題) 

9. I had no difficulty traveling around Tokyo during the spring break on my own, _____. (108年合作金庫考題) 

10. _____ performance, there’s a clear difference between these two products. (111年合作金庫考題) 

11. _____ sad and hopeless, the old man walked on the streets without paying attention to the traffic. (108年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

12. The speaker encouraged the graduate class to believe in themselves and follow their _____. (109年合作金庫考題) 

13. People who _____ the laws or regulations must be punished. (110年第一銀行考題) 

14. The landlord will _____ the furniture in his house and paint the walls, hoping to rent the house at a satisfying price. (108年兆豐銀行考題) 

15. It is your negative learning attitude _____ fails you in this course. (110年合庫金控考題) 

16. We have seen _____ after the passing of the new law. (108年合作金庫考題) 

17. The little boy broke his watch _____ so that he can ask his parents to buy a new one for him. (111年土地銀行考題) 

18. David: Honey, I’m so sorry that I missed your birthday party; I had to work last minute.
Melody: I know you’ve been busy lately, but you _____. (112年合作金庫考題) 

19. Can you tell me which extension number _____ to speak to the sales representative? (108年合作金庫考題) 

20. Please leave _____ in the space below if you have anything to say about what we posted here.  (111年兆豐銀行考題) 

21. Will Tsai is a Taiwanese magician _____ to fame after performing magic on America's Got Talent. (107年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

22. Drug trials did not provide sufficient _____ that the medicine is effective. (109年彰化銀行考題) 

23. The air conditioner is not working. When _____? (112年第一銀行考題) 

24. If I won one million dollars in the lottery, I _____ part of my money to the orphanages. (108年第一銀行考題) 

25. Athletes around the world will gather at Tokyo in 2021 as the city will _____ the Summer Olympic Games. (110年土地銀行考題) 

26. Kenny has worked overtime for more than a week _____ keep up with his colleagues. (108年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

27. His failure is _____ because he always rushes to do things without planning and perseverance. (108年合作金庫考題) 

28. _____ the government’s policy to counter COVID-19, many companies started to allow their employees to work at home. (110年合作金庫考題) 

29. The story, while told from a different perspective, was very similar to _____. (107年第一銀行考題) 

30. The growth of renewable energy across Latin America is creating a new economic _____-exploiting those natural resources for domestic growth. (107年兆豐銀行考題) 

31. _____ his own money, he also invested all of his parents’ savings in the stock market. (110年合庫金控考題) 

32. The animal cloning company said the five new-born puppies that are _____ identical have thrived. (107年第一銀行考題) 

33. Most airline companies request that every passenger _____ his or her cellphone before takeoff. (112年臺灣銀行考題) 

34. Be careful not to get bitten by the animal. It may look small and cute, but it’s from one of the most _____ species. (109年彰化銀行考題) 

35. To _____ the problem of teenage smoking, the state decided to ban all tobacco and e-cigarette sales. (108年合作金庫考題) 

36. To prevent misuse by children, all the medicine _____ in the cupboard. (111年臺灣銀行考題) 

37. The substance can cause _____ damage to the body that cannot be undone even if you try hard. (108年第一銀行考題) 

38. Tom spent the whole afternoon _____ Jessica to use the company inventory system. (108年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

39. My family will return from Italy _____ two weeks. (107年第一銀行考題) 

40. _____ any emergency, report to the office and call the police immediately. (110年第一銀行考題) 

41. Compared to empathy and communication, computer skills are considered _____ important ability needed to be a teacher. (110年臺灣銀行考題) 

42. In addition to _____ breakfast for the family, the boy also bought a gift for his father. (111年土地銀行考題) 

43. In the early morning, the street sweepers clean the _____ leaves and garbage on the pavement. (108年兆豐銀行考題) 

44. I can’t _____ whether it was a rainy or snowy day when he last visited us. It was so many years ago.  (111年第一銀行考題) 

45. _____ of the town can buy tickets to the show at a discount, but you need to show your ID to prove that you live in the town. (111年第一銀行考題) 

46. Arrogance and skepticism will _____ the relationship between any two countries. (108年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

47. After the crash, a team of investigators tried to recover the black box from the _____ of the plane. (107年第一銀行考題) 

48. The most important reason why children should learn to swim is that drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death, so being able to swim is an _____ life-saving skill. (108年合作金庫考題) 

49. When bad things happen to us, we need to look on the _____ side to get over them. (108年土地銀行考題) 

50. Having their little boy take the surgery could _____ to this young couple as not doing so. (107年第一銀行考題)