1. Our newest station _____ in two months, so we need to start hiring new employees. (109年度台北捷運新進技術員(電子類)、隨車站務員、常年大夜技術員、站務員(身障類)考題) 

2.     has become increasingly common nowadays. Posting hurtful or threatening messages on social networking sites violates the law.  (104年度桃園捷運考題) 

3. Sign up for a special account today and pay only $ 29.99--that’s 40% off the _____ price. (106年度台北捷運考題_司機員、隨車站務員、站務員) 

4. A: When did Roger change his job?
B: He hasn’t changed his job. He still works in the same computer store.
A: But I saw him     watches on the street corner. (107年度桃園捷運考題) 

5. Please make sure that the form     out properly. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進各類技術員) 

6. Help! I don't know how to use this software. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 


※請依上文回答問題※What is the main purpose of the passage? (109年度桃園捷運第一次新進人員考題) 

8. The committee who has been assigned to review this project _____ the papers carefully before giving its final comments. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 


※請依上文回答問題※According to the passage, which of the following tips may have pros and cons? (109年度桃園捷運第一次新進人員考題) 

10. The protesters gathered and shouted in the street, and they had even turned nasty for several hours before the policemen _____. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 

11. He played his trumpet alone in the rain, knowing that no _____ would stop to listen. (108年度台中捷運考題_工程員、副站長、助理工程員(機械類)、助理工程員(電機電子類)、助理工程員(土木類)、工程員(資訊類)、專員(企劃行銷類)、專員(法務類)、專員(財會類)、工程員) 

12. A: How many more tickets are left for the concert this weekend?
B:       . (107年度台北捷運考題_新進各類技術員) 

13. Adelaide: Congratulations on your job promotion!
Mark: Thank you. But I really feel pressured.
Adelaide: Why?
Mark:     (104年度桃園捷運考題) 

14. Dad swept the floor with a big _____. (108年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、技術員隨車站務員(護理、外語類)/站務員、行控資訊員) 

15. We need to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. (108年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、技術員隨車站務員(護理、外語類)/站務員、行控資訊員) 

16. Meat _____ is one of the main ways that humans can damage the environment, second only to the use of motor vehicles. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

17. Because his thumb was broken, the secretary could not type _____. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

18. Fortunately, his response _____ both sides, and the conflict was resolved successfully. (109年度台北捷運新進技術員(電子類)、隨車站務員、常年大夜技術員、站務員(身障類)考題) 

19. Please     to Farmers’ Home Warehouse for the lowest prices and longest warranties on home appliances. (107年度桃園捷運考題) 

20. The council has _____ a ban on smoking in all indoor public places. (108年度台中捷運考題_站務員、技術員(常年大夜班類)、行控資訊員/票務員、事務員、站務員、技術員(常年大夜班維修類)) 


※請依上文回答問題※All the citizens are now being told to _____ at least 14 days upon returning form travel. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 


※請依上文回答問題※To _____ empty jars, we should put them right side up on the rack in a boiling-water canner. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 

23. The generous old lady promises to leave all her money to the _____. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

24. The reason why Jenny is popular is     she is always willing to offer a helping hand. (103年度桃園捷運考題) 

25. Developing _____ interests and hobbies can decrease conflict in marriage and strengthen the relationship between you and your spouse. (108年度台中捷運考題_技術員(機械類)、技術員(電子電機類)、技術員(土木類)、技術員(資訊類)、技術員(土木類)) 

26. A: Do you mind if I smoke?
B: __________. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、常年大夜技術員) 

27. As a courtesy to the long patronage of villagers, the filling station was _____ free gas for three days. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 


※請依上文回答問題※UV light can _____ the bacteria and viruses. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 

29. What are you trying to make? (108年度台北捷運考題_新進技術員) 

30. When John set the table, his mother _____ everyone to dinner. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、常年大夜技術員) 

31. I need to _____ a few errands before lunch. (108年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、技術員隨車站務員(護理、外語類)/站務員、行控資訊員) 

32. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has confirmed the drug company’s _____ that ReNewHR will help bald man grow new hair. (106年度台北捷運考題_司機員、隨車站務員、站務員) 

33. Because of the great advances in _____, it takes only 45 minutes for travelers to travel from Taipei to Taichung by High Speed Rail. (108年度台中捷運考題_工程員、副站長、助理工程員(機械類)、助理工程員(電機電子類)、助理工程員(土木類)、工程員(資訊類)、專員(企劃行銷類)、專員(法務類)、專員(財會類)、工程員) 

34. We need to _____ this issue. (108年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、技術員隨車站務員(護理、外語類)/站務員、行控資訊員) 

35. You should bring _____ water if you plan to travel through the desert. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

36. It was my teacher who _____ me to study abroad, and it turned out to be the best time in my life. (109年度桃園捷運第一次新進人員考題) 

37. A number of states in the USA are looking at ways to _____ even more tax revenue from online sales. (108年度桃園捷運考題) 

38. Someone _____ the office last night and stole all the valuables. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

39. If you’d please pass this information on to my _____, she’ll make sure that everything is handled properly and efficiently. (106年度台北捷運考題_司機員、隨車站務員、站務員) 

40. Sarah is sitting in a priority seat. Her friend advises her not to do that, and she agrees.
Linda: Sarah, you are sitting in a priority seat!
Sarah:     (104年度桃園捷運考題) 

41. I don't know where _____ at the moment. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、常年大夜技術員) 

42. No sooner _____ home than the telephone rang. (107年中桃園捷運考題) 

43. Mr. Huang always serves the freshest possible food and makes the atmosphere as _____ as he can so that his customers will want to come back. (108年度台中捷運考題_技術員(機械類)、技術員(電子電機類)、技術員(土木類)、技術員(資訊類)、技術員(土木類)) 

44. Every company has its own _____. It is like the personality of the company. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

45. Tom is _____ to seafood. He can’t eat shrimps or crabs. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

46. According to a new report, offshore wind has the potential to _____ global electricity demand in the future. (108年度台中捷運考題_技術員(機械類)、技術員(電子電機類)、技術員(土木類)、技術員(資訊類)、技術員(土木類)) 

47. Due to insufficient numbers of doctors and nurses recently, there are major barriers to getting surgery within the time frame wanted, including getting an appointment _____. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 

48. Taipei 101 is a famous _____ in Taiwan. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

49. All _____ have to pass the English test to be eligible for an interview. (108年度台中捷運考題_工程員、副站長、助理工程員(機械類)、助理工程員(電機電子類)、助理工程員(土木類)、工程員(資訊類)、專員(企劃行銷類)、專員(法務類)、專員(財會類)、工程員) 

50. Woman: The kitty is sick. Is she an indoor or an outdoor cat?
Man: Both really. She stays in at night, but she’s out most of the day, playing with other cats.
Where could this conversation taken place? It could be in a _____. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題)