1. Do you think health ___ is necessary when you travel? 

2. ___ is the office that represents your country to a foreign government. 

3. Flying in ___ class can be crowded and hot. 

4. Before you leave the bus, be sure to take all of your ___ with you. 

5. First class passengers can enjoy ___ food. 

6. Some airlines might give you toothpaste and other personal ___ when you took a long flight in the past. 

7. Be sure to turn off your electronic ___ for takeoff and landing. 

8. Smoke ___ is an electronic fire alarm that is sensitive to smoke. 

9. Let’s go shopping at the Hilton hotel ___. 

10. We need to buy a ___ for our daughter. 

11. What an expensive concert. The ___ was $100. 

12. I can’t remember the taxi company’s phone number. You’d better look in the ___. 

13. It’s faster and less expensive to take the ___ from the airport to the hotel. 

14. It is ___ to leave a tip for your maid. 

15. Can I please have a ___ for my purchase? 

16. The service was terrible at the restaurant, so we didn’t leave a ___. 

17. For my ___, I will have the T-bone steak, please. 

18. After taking in the rock formations of the Northeast Coast, it’s time to head to the ___ gold mining town of Jinguashi. 

19. Our next stop is to Jiufen to enjoy the hillside town’s famous cuisine and laid back ___. 

20. At Juming Museum, you may see many ___ of Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming. 

21. Taiping Mountain is home to a rare ___ forest and a rich animal and plant ecology. 

22. The Formosan landlocked salmon is Taiwan’s national ___ fish. 

23. Wuling Farm is a must-see ___ with attractions of spring cherry blossoms and autumn maples. 

24. An earthly ___ awaits you in the alpine forests of Shei-Pa National Park. 

25. Sorry for the inconvenience of the tap dripping in the room; ___ will be by shortly to fix the problem. 

26. If you want to find the cheapest airline tickets, ___ can usually be found online for best fares. 

27. When you arrive at the destination airport, you must go through ___ for a routine inspection. 

28. Taiwan, also known as Formosa, and mainland China ___ the Taiwan Strait. 

29. Visitors sometimes experience earthquakes during their stay in Taiwan and may ___ from power cuts and hampered transportation and communications. 

30. Many tourists ___ relaxing activities by participating in outdoor sports such as diving, cycling, and hiking. 

31. In Taiwan, there are many extinct or ___ volcanoes, which provide hot water for Taiwan’s health-promoting hot springs. 

32. Through holding many festivals and exhibitions, the government ___ promoting Taiwanese traditional crafts and performing arts. 

33. On the MRT of Taiwan, visitors carrying bicycles can get on and off the train only at ___ stations. 

34. Launched in 2017, a new government sponsored TV station provides a variety of ___ programming on folk music, dance, handicraft, and so on. 

35. Oyster omelets ___ eggs, oysters, and vegetables and are eaten with special sauce. Sometimes, oysters are replaced with shrimp or squid. 

36. Unlike western-style ice cream, shaved ice is a distinctive Taiwanese dessert. People enjoy ice ___ fruit or other tasty toppings. 

37. Taiwan is home to several ___ bird species such as the Taiwan Blue Magpie, which can only be seen in Taiwan. Fortunate tourists may encounter these eye-catching birds. 

38. Confucius was a great ___ and teacher in ancient China. Today, Confucian temples are seen in Taiwan in honor of this great mentor. 

39. In addition to native festivals, Taiwan hosts many modern cultural festivals as well. The Taiwan International Festival of the Art and Spring Scream is one of the ___. 

40. The statue of divinity, dancing lions and dragons, performing teams, and exploding firecrackers all form a big part of religious ___ processions in Taiwan. 

41. During Chinese New Year, houses ___ fresh flowers, Spring Festival Couplets and traditional lucky knots. 

42. To celebrate traditional festivals, various activities are held in streets and in temples. Firecrackers are ___ and people go out to enjoy the folk performances. 

43. Visitors love to experience the Lantern Festival in Taipei. Organizers use modern ___ to provide an exciting light display in addition to hanging elaborate traditional lanterns. 

44. A crazy Lantern Festival takes place in Yanshui. Rockets and fireworks are aimed at the crowds and explode around them. ___ must wear a helmet and protective clothing to prevent injury. 

45. Some people think it is ___, but many people believe that the doors of the underworld open once a year during Chinese Ghost Month. 

46. We found your spectacles, but they are at the ___ department. 

47. Never make jokes about bombing, terrorism, smuggling, etc., as policemen of the airport are required to take all ___ seriously. 

48. ___ of strangers at the airport and do not leave your personal items unattended. 

49. Although giving gifts is quite popular in Taiwan, it is rude to bring ___ gifts such as a clock, umbrella, shoes, and so on. 

50. At wedding ___, guests bless the newlyweds by giving them red envelopes filled with money. 

51. Please put your suitcase ___. The baggage allowance for economy class is 20 kilos. Overweight baggage will incur an additional fee. 

52. For some passengers, browsing the duty-free ___ during the flight is a highlight of the journey. 

53. When a passenger’s ___ exceeds a certain amount at the airport, he or she may receive a significant discount or bonus gift. 

54. After leaving the aircraft, follow signs for arrivals and go through ___. You must follow the correct signs and show all your travel documents. 

55. If you want to ___ your traveler’s checks, you must pay a handling charge. We charge a 2% commission on each traveler’s check. 

56. ___ is a venue to where travelers can relax. Accordingly, they emphasize recreational amenities such as saunas, swimming pools, etc. 

57. In Taiwan, guests of the hotel cannot drink the ___ water. The hotel usually provides two complimentary bottles of water instead. 

58. If you need dry-cleaning service, please leave your clothing items in the laundry bag and fill out ___ located in your room. 

59. To meet customers’ ___ and to improve the quality of the meals, a restaurant must obtain feedback from its patrons. 

60. Meals from fast food restaurants may be the easiest and cheapest ___ for a traveler. 

61. Stinky tofu is a distinctive snack in the night market. The tofu is left in ___ milk and some ingredients for months, making it pungent and tasty. 

62. The communists strategically targeted Kinmen during their military operations. Since the ___ of the conflict over two decades ago, many people have visited the island, which boasts famous specialties and souvenirs. 

63. Shilin Official Residence, which is surrounded by a vibrant, ecological garden, was ___ the home of the former president, Chiang Kai-Shek. 

64. The Penghu Islands are full of surprises and local tales. Legend has it that the mark of a ___ on the peak of Wan-an Island is evidence that a fairy once visited this land. 

65. Brilliant sunshine, strong wind, and sapphire oceans create an ideal environment for a variety of water activities, except ___. 

66. Taroko National Park is a well-known natural attraction. We will drive along the gorge road to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this ___ canyon. 

67. Many people enjoy the Flower Festival at Yangmingshan National Park. During the festival, an incredible variety of elegant flowers ___ throughout the well-kept grounds. 

68. I love the roll-neck sweater in blue, but I don’t know what my size is. Could you please take my ___? 

69. ___ is a common affliction that sometimes strikes tourists a few days after their arrival in an unfamiliar country. 

70. Although you are afraid of ___ and taking medicine, don’t make any excuses when you are sick.