1. Salt and sugar are usually used to     food.

2. The pilot asked the passengers to     because they were flying through a storm.

3. Having experienced many failures, Jackson starts to fear     the future holds for him.

4. Tests will be run to determine if the fumes from the chemical are highly    .

5. Not until the first land plants developed    .

6. The airplane was flying at     of 25,000 feet.

7.     I reached the front porch when it started pouring.

8. By the time I got to the end of his article, I felt I knew everything there     about the European Union Free Trade Agreement.

9. Typhoon Soudelor     across Taiwan and made great damage this August.

10. The end of year sales seminar will be held on     Saturday the 21st or Sunday the 22nd.

11.     inflation means that our wage increases soon become worth nothing.

12.     lack of success and financial reward, Vincent van Gogh persevered with his painting.

13. After her first Harry Potter book was published, Rowling went from a common housewife to a world-famous literary     practically overnight.

14. Although the manager apologized many times for his poor decision, there was nothing he could do to     his mistake.

15. Writers usually     an ending chapter for a long time.

16. Alcohol and drugs have     effect on young people.

17.     is guaranteed, or we will refund your money 100%.

18. We were asked by our tour guide on the shuttle bus from the airport to the resort to remain     until we reached our destination.

19. A     person does not talk with food in his mouth.

20. He is not a punctual person. Worst of all, he always gives     excuses for being late.

21. Unfortunately, his     attacks on the ramifications of the economic policy have been undermined by his wholehearted acceptance of that policy's underlying assumptions.

22. Marison was a scientist of unusual insight and imagination who had startling success     discerning new and fundamental principles well in advance of their general recognition.

23. The ship was carrying a     of crude oil.

24. Paul is a famous chef. He always uses fresh     when he cooks.

25. The company’s     on the formula expires after a number of years.

26. In winter, many refugees near the coast have to take     in caves.

27. While some bacteria are beneficial, others are     in that they cause disease.

28. It is not appropriate to use any     language in front of children.

29. Kevin decided to still apply for the graduate programs in the US,    that he might not get into one because of his below average TOFEL score.

30. When we exchanged greetings with him, he had his eyes turned away. It was hard to tell if he was     happy to see us.

31. The bank will continue to transfer the interest to your current account     instructed otherwise.

32. According to one employee, who wishes to remain    , the company engaged in illegal activities.

33. Playing sports in school     meant to teach teamwork and leadership skills students can use later in life.

34. A computer program can provide information     ways that force students to participate in learning instead of being merely recipients of knowledge.

35. Although we are spending a lot now, the new system will save us more money    .

36. The whole affair is an outrage and the authorities have done nothing to     it.

37.     exposure to sunlight is one of the most common causes of skin cancer.

38. If John     satisfied with his TOEIC score, he wouldn’t be taking it again.

39. The restaurant     next to the bank sells excellent pasta so it attracts a number of guests.

40. In February, China’s monthly box office receipts actually surpassed     in the U. S.

41. Some doctors have been criticized for being insensitive; they seem to be     the suffering of their patients.

42. If the hotel     to withstand an earthquake, it would not have collapsed.

43. John works very hard     get promotion.

44. The Sunshine Non-Profit Foundation tried to persuade people not to     this store until it agreed to hire capable people with physical disabilities.

45. We don’t want to put pressure on you but the future of the company is    ; we will only survive if you put off this deal.

46. The government promised a substantial reduction in the     of greenhouse gases.

47. Everyone in the department is supposed to     suggestions for the project.

48. My brother had an accident while     how to ride a bicycle.

49. He earned more than 3 million dollars by undertaking a commercially     venture.

50. They will be     their behavior, whether they accept the responsibility or not.