1. You should live within your income. Otherwise, you won’t be able to earn enough money to [____].

2. Mr. Johnson wore a suit and tie [____].

3. A:Do you know when the new traffic rules will become effective?B: [____]

4. A:“The firefighters saved me just before the house collapsed!”B:[____]

5. The Jade Mountain [____] with snow in winter.

6. As a diplomat, Helen always pays special attention to table manners and social [____] in banquets and parties.

7. He is a [____] person. He doesn’t like changes but enjoys old ways of thinking.

8. A: Have you finished writing your annual report?B: Not yet. [____]

9. John felt the house shaken and [____] out immediately.

10. I sent Tom a present as a token of my [____] for his kind assistance.

11. Mother Teresa [____] her [____] life aiding the sick and the homeless. Her selfless love has been highly praised by the world.

12. The [____] woman made a point of visiting people in the hospital who had no relatives to visit them.

13. Taiwan is [____] most countries for tourists.

14. An American may have great difficulty [____] a Chinese from a Japanese. To westerners, they are both Asian.

15. His efforts to improve the company have been very [_____].

16. Healthcare workers, pregnant women and children aged between 6 months and 6 years are set to be [____] recipients of immunization vaccine against the H1N1 virus.


For more information, please call Paul Stanley at (02)2422-8769 or ______ http://uoftaichung.edu.tw.

18. You should lie down and take some rest if you feel _____.

19. John, please remember [____] off the lights when you leave.

20. Linda is an [____] friend of mine; there is no secret between us, and we always share our happiness and sorrow.

21. A: Are you sure we’re on the right way to the post office?B: Yes, [_____]

22. Our manager _____ from his position yesterday because he needed more time to take care of his sick father.

23. A: My mother will be annoyed if we are late for dinner.B: _____

24. The two companies signed a document to strengthen [____] business relations.

25. Successful students [____] their notes after they finish taking them.

26. Bodyguards were on alert throughout the presidential [____].

27. A cat got into the kennel last night and created a tremendous _____.

28. This city [____] 300 days of warm sunshine, with cooler evenings and occasional showers in the months between December and March.

29. A: Would you like some cereal for breakfast?B:[____]

30. She bought some carrots, potatoes and [____] to make salad.

31. This novel was mainly [____] by a stranger he met on his last trip to London.

32. To keep the glass clean, you need to wipe your mouth with the [____] before drinking the wine.

33. Retarded children are most [____] to physical abuses in a family.

34. All transportation vehicles should be well-[____] and kept in good running condition.

35. [____] Daisy has spent two hours shopping in Sears, she still cannot find the kind of hat she wants.

36. I would prefer staying home rather than [____] you to the pop concert.

37. Unlike other springs locations, Taian Hot Springs is relatively serene, with no more than six large-scale resorts in the area, so the place is not as [____] as Wulai and Beitou.

38. A(n) [____] number of volunteers showed up in the press conference.

39. A:Are you available tomorrow afternoon? I want to bring my project to your office. B: [____] Please email it to me.A: That's a good idea. Thanks.

40. In yesterday’s protest, the demonstrators [____] leaflets of their claims against air pollution to passers-by.

41. If the rain doesn’t stop soon, we should consider [____] Joe’s farewell party.

42. A: “Why don’t we go to the baseball game?”B:[____]

43. Mary’s uncle passed away yesterday. The _____ will be held next Tuesday. 

44. Although the farmers had to work in the mud, they were all pleased, [____] the rain had come in the nick of time.

45. Sexual [____] is regarded as a serious violation of women’s rights.

46. The newly built gym has [____] equipments with qualified trainers to provide personal services.

47. It was so dark that [____] anything.

48. [____] went a baseball game yesterday.

49. Michelle often reviews research papers for one of the top journals in [____] genetics.

50. Many people say couples tend to resemble each other. It seems that the longer they stay together, _____ they will become.