1. Mandarin is widely [____] in the world, and you can find Chinese food restaurants in many big cities.

2. John: So you have a crush on Helen?Ken: Shh! This is between you and me, you know.John: [____]

3. Another innovation which has helped blind people [____] the training of guide dogs.

4. Tom had stayed up watching movies and _____ this morning. 

5. It's getting late. Let's [____].

6. The new technique in a Malaysia based garment manufacturing company has [____] them to double the production of the factory.

7. The newly built gym has [____] equipments with qualified trainers to provide personal services.

8. My boss is very [____]; he keeps asking us to complete assigned tasks within the limited time span.

9. I remember [____] him before. But I couldn’t remember the place and time.

10. A:“Hello. Could you put me through to Philip from the Sales Department, please?”B:[____]

11. The president of the United States can only serve two [____] of four years each.

12. Though it is too early to say whether the storm will make [____] in Taiwan, it is predicted heavy rain for northern and eastern parts of the island over the coming days.

13. Our teacher always tells us that knowledge should be [____] through years, not gained in one day.

14. In the past year I have developed an important relationship with my [____].

15. All parcels are subject to [____] clearance; therefore, senders are requested to fill out these forms.

16. The candidates' challenge in the 2008 election was [____]: to get supporters out to the meetings and to win over the large numbers of undecided voters.

17. Seasonal flu vaccinations began yesterday, leading to long lines at hospitals and health centers [____] the island.

18. According to the health official, the rate of increasing number of cases is not beyond [____] is expected and the symptoms of all the patients are mild.

19. A:What was his major in the university?B:_____________ 

20. The man, [____], is going to give a lecture at our school.

21. I am sure I had made quite a good [____] on the personnel manager in the interview because I got the job.

22. John has to [____] the annual report to the manager before this Friday; otherwise, he will be in trouble.

23. The Dalai Lama arrived in Taiwan last night for a six-day visit to [____] victims of Typhoon Morakot.

24. A bargain hunter must have patience, and above all, [____] recognize the worth of something when he or she sees it.

25. Michelle often reviews research papers for one of the top journals in [____] genetics.

26. Do you know [____]?

27. Sophia has profound knowledge of Greek history, which makes her a [____] in that field.

28. Taiwan is [____] most countries for tourists.

29. Mary’s watch is as expensive as her husband’s. Her father’s watch is [____] theirs.

30. A:Have you decided where you're going on holiday this year?B:[____]

31. [____] went a baseball game yesterday.

32. The exterior of Tina's apartment has an exceptionally large [____].

33. While English is the [____] language in the US, Spanish is very widely spoken, especially in the south-western states.

34. A: You can keep the change.B:[____]

35. A: Excuse me. Can I try this blouse on?B:[____]

36. The post office announces that airmail service to Haiti is temporarily [____] due to the severe earthquake in January.

37. Despite facing an imminent labor shortage as its population ages, Japan has done [____] to open itself up to immigration.

38. Middle children often feel less important than their older or younger [____].

39. In May and June, the museum [____] a series of one-week exhibitions.

40. A: Are you sure we’re on the right way to the post office?B: Yes, [_____]

41. Many of America’s parks and monuments have been made possible by the [____] donations of its citizens.

42. Jason [____] a moment before replying because he was not sure how to respond to the interviewer’s question.

43. I would prefer staying home rather than [____] you to the pop concert.

44. Since he was born, his parents _____ very good care of him and denied him nothing.

45. The boss was [____] Ted’s laziness and decided to fire him.

46. A:Excuse me. The bathroom tap's dripping in my room.B:[____]

47. Mother Teresa [____] her [____] life aiding the sick and the homeless. Her selfless love has been highly praised by the world.

48. Watch your manners. You are not supposed to be so [____].

49. Schizophrenia is a kind of [____] caused partially by utter isolation from the outside world.

50. He was to my left, seated, since he couldn’t stand up for the hour his talk [____] last.