1. When an athlete won an event in the Olympic Games, musicians played the national anthem of his country and his national flag [____].

2. Joyce [____] Walter if she had made a different choice three years ago.

3. A: Can you point out the location of our hotel in this map?B: [____]

4. My bookshelves were destroyed in the flood. I need to find a [____] to fix them.

5. All his family members attended the [____] because they wanted to congratulate him on obtaining a college diploma in person.

6. Millions of people are expected to [____] in the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo.

7. If I [____] a bird, I would fly anywhere I want.

8. Public [____] to voting is a problem in many democratic countries with low turnouts in elections.

9. Jason's boss is very [____] with the quality of his work.

10. Former Japanese F2 racer Takayuki Ueda has opened the Taki Racing School on the outskirts of Bangkok. The school students [____] aged over 16 years, even if they do not have a driver’s license.

11. I ride the bicycle to the office every day. I save money _____ gas.

12. A: You speak very good English.B: _____

13. People all consider [____] wise to start to learn a foreign language at an early age.

14. [____] you eat every day has a profound and everlasting impact on your health.

15. A bargain hunter must have patience, and above all, [____] recognize the worth of something when he or she sees it.

16. Mandarin is widely [____] in the world, and you can find Chinese food restaurants in many big cities.

17. The building collapsed, and only one person buried underground could _____ survive the catastrophic earthquake.

18. Can you remind me _____ Ann tomorrow?

19. The corporation began sponsoring charity events so that its public image [____].

20. There are different kinds of restaurants along the street,_____ from haute cuisine in five-star hotels to inexpensive stands selling traditional Taiwanese food.

21. The professor asked his students to finish the report in one month. Tomorrow will be the _____.

22. Being a housewife, I have to [____] breakfast and then [____] the dishes every day.

23. A:Have you decided where you're going on holiday this year?B:[____]

24. Tom made an [____] to his boss for being late to office.

25. He looks [____] he were very exhausted from work.

26. A:What color of dress should I choose for the ceremony?B:_____________ 

27. We need to buy some new _____ for redecorating our villa. 

28. The plane leaving for Tokyo from Hong Kong will [____] at seven p.m..

29. The [____] consists of the usual march-past by the military and some interesting displays by the marching girls, martial arts clubs and dragon dancers.

30. There is a clear [____] that the defendant committed the murder of the rich old man.

31. We are not happy _____ the result.

32. This restaurant makes good sandwiches. They will even _____ your bread for free.

33. I am so hungry. The noodles look _____ to me. 

34. The most important [____] in this cake are flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.

35. A: [_____]B: Yes, the one next door is.

36. It is reported that there’s [____] tension between the refugees and the local population in Pakistan.

37. The company [____] a 46% rise in earnings per share in the final quarter of 2007.

38. To keep the glass clean, you need to wipe your mouth with the [____] before drinking the wine.

39. The National Palace Museum will continue to cooperate with Beijing's Palace Museum [____] will not loan artifacts to China.

40. A:“Hello. Could you put me through to Philip from the Sales Department, please?”B:[____]

41. The flight to Chicago has been [____] due to heavy snow.

42. Watch your manners. You are not supposed to be so [____].

43. The Jade Mountain [____] with snow in winter.

44. Joy, you must get this letter [____] right away.

45. A: “How would you like your steak to be cooked?”B:[____]

46. Taichung City is home to a little more than 700 thousand residents with 64% of the [____] employed.

47. In my opinion, his suggestion is [_____].

48. The post office issues [____] stamps for special events only.

49. For safety’s sake, it is essential to remain in our seats and _____ our seat belts before an airplane takes off.

50. In the past, high school students were not allowed [____] their hair.