1. The minister went to Hong Kong to attend the conference [   ] our government.

2. You like this movie, and [   ].

3. The traffic accident resulted from the [   ] of the traffic laws.

4. From a poor family, Joanna has never dreamed of studying abroad because she knows that it would [   ].

5. The freeway is now [   ] to motorists after it was blocked off by a huge landslide yesterday.

6. The knife isn’t useful because its [   ] is dull.

7. I’m a grown man. Don’t talk to me [   ] I were a three-year-old kid.

8. Group registrations are not allowed. Each member must register for the conference    . 

9. He went for an ocean voyage and __ his health. 

10. Many journalists do not ____ whether or not it is appropriate to interview a child during a tragic event for he/she is usually too young to understand the trauma he/she is involved in. 

11. The local farmers are looking to advanced agriculture as better protection from foreign __ after Taiwan joins the WTO. 

12. Before the final exam, our teacher taught us how to use our time [   ] while preparing for tests.

13. Not until Toyota debuted the model Prius in the late 1990s [   ] the technology of hybrid engine.

14. The man spent so little time with his family [   ] his daughter didn’t even recognize him.

15. 《Mary》: We were too late for the concert! 《Tom》: [   ] It wasn’t very good anyway.

16. The western coalition is trying to [   ] Libya’s air-defense system to protect civilians and help rebel forces.

17. He decided to continue the exhausting training for the Olympics, __ his physical condition was poor. 

18. The traffic accident took three lives, [   ] the truck driver.

19. Since being slim is the trend, Margaret is trying to lose weight by [   ] herself.

20. A: Why did you feed that kitty? B:There is nothing [   ] a homeless cat.

21. The president of the United States can only serve two [   ] of four years each.

22. After [   ] his homework, he decides to go out for a break.

23. If you pay your bills on time, you will have good [   ].

24. Let’s __ jump to the conclusion, okay? 

25. In order to make the project work,     between different departments is the key. 

26. A lot of debris [   ] at the site of explosion for quite a while.

27. In order to prevent casualties, all the residents in the village were [   ] before the typhoon.

28. Working at your computer for a long time can [   ] pain in your wrists.

29. This contract is __ approval by both parties involved. 

30. The washing machine is not working properly. I have to get it [   ].

31. He was an [   ] player until 20 when he turned professional.

32. I like to [   ] time [   ] my family.

33. I didn’t go to Taipei last week; I wish I [   ] there.

34. The main thing that makes mobile phones [   ] harmful is radiation.

35. The Spanish Flu [   ] from 1918 to 1920 claimed over thirty million lives around the world.

36. A:Anna? Anna Dickson? I thought it was you! B: [   ] A: Oh. I am so sorry. I must have missed her too much.

37. I only wish that all my lectures drew such favorable [   ] as this time.

38. 《Tom》:I’m going to take a singing class. Do you want to take it with me? 《Penny》: [   ]《Tom》: Really? Sing a song for me now.

39. I sent an email to the CEO of this company last week but have not received any [   ] yet.

40. The window [   ] by my little brother yesterday.

41. A:May I ask what kind of work you are doing? B:I am working for the auditing department of the City Government. A: [   ] B:Yes, she works as a high-school teacher.

42. A: How do you stay fit and healthy? B: [   ]. I also try to avoid smoking and drinking too much.

43. Not until Toyota debuted the model Prius in the late 1990s ____ the technology of hybrid engine. 

44. That is my [   ] favorite restaurant. The service is bad and the food doesn't taste good.

45. The Ministry of Finance announced tax [   ] for the victims of the 921 earthquake and of typhoon Toraji.

46. The 2010 Flora Expo, held in Taipei, is very successful. Do you know [   ] city is going to host the next Flora Expo?

47. I will attend Mr. Wang’s wedding [   ] my father, who has gone to Hong Kong on business.

48. Brian and Jerry are close friends [   ] their difference in age and religion.

49. Nancy screamed when she saw a taxi [   ] into an old woman on the street.

50. 《Sandra》:I think watching TV is a waste of time. Most programs are stupid or boring. 《Jack》: [   ] What about sports or the news? You watch those sometimes, don’t you? 《Sandra》: Well, actually for the news, I prefer the newspaper.